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Take your Game to the Next Level. Enter the Analytics Playground for Sports Fans with Skin in the Game is a marketplace connecting bettors to new and existing data insights... you will soon know them as BetricsTM. Learn it. Love it. Win.

Supercharge your Decision Engine

We get it. You bet from your gut, and you might even do it well. When you pair that intuition with cutting edge betrics at the click of a button, your decision engine will help you quickly go Beast Mode on wager analysis like a data scientist... minus the whole PhD part.

Are you ready to stop guessing and level up your game?

The betting experience enhanced is the bridge between human insights and predictive analytics
Cyborg Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is incredibly powerful, and although it will eventually lead to the machines' revolution, for now AI helps us quickly organize critical information. Human intelligence is underrated by comparison, and has not been entirely tapped. So we are basically turning you into a betting cyborg. You're welcome.

Make Better Decisions Faster

Now that you are a cyborg, you are probably pretty busy cleaning up the mean streets of Detroit. Use your customized engine to quickly identify betting opportunities systematically without wasting time poring over lines and data like a simple human.

BETRICS Marketplace

A marketplace where sports bettors of all abilities can fuel their customized decision engines with cutting edge betrics at the click of a button, and data providers broaden their reach and magnify their insights by integrating feeds directly into the decision process.

The Betrics Edge

The edge equation is simple - your confidence versus the odds. The math to get there is not. We handle the heavy lifting under the hood so that you can focus on the edge for each betting opportunity.

Mo' Edge = Mo' Butta

Give me Betrics or give me death!

Your War Room of Data Providers brings you access to Provider insights that you never had before, and all in a single application. Cue the Gatorade shower.


Get predictions, projections, rankings, and more from multiple insight providers combined in one single display. This may not be Biff's Sports Almanac, but you can engineer it to be damn close.

Multiple Sportsbooks

Quickly navigate multiple Sportsbook lines without leaving your dashboard, while we translate the odds to maximize your edge.

Are You Still Reading?

At this point if you have still not decided to sign up for free beta access then I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Some day soon we will all wager this way.

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Successful sports betting requires a plan better than Leeroy Jenkins.

Gotta keep your head right and pledge responsible betting if you want to stay in the game. We care about you and it's way more fun when you're here keepin' it 100!

Betrics Pledge: I will wager responsibly. I will not wager more than I can afford to lose. I will not wager impulsively. I will be informed and research wager positions intelligently. I will manage my bankroll with discipline. I will be intentional with wagering strategy. I will be accurate in my assessment of wagering risk. I will not chase losses. I will not wager under time pressure. I will take a break when needed. I will respect the value of every dollar. I will not be fooled by randomness. I will not blame others, the universe or forces that are not in my control. I will be aware of my intuition. I will be cognizant of my state of mind. I will identify psychological traps and learn how to avoid them. I understand that I must learn to lose so that I may learn to win. I will be accountable and seek help from a gambling addiction program if wagering negatively affects the quality of my life. I will be respectful of the process long-term and do not believe that wagering is the means to get rich quick. I will be curious about education and opportunities to increase my skill. I will be inclusive, contribute, and share my growth when possible. I will have fun.

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